How to Keep Your Nail Clean

Tips to Keep Your Dab Nail Cleaner Than a Whistle

In this blog post, I’m going to cover a subject that numerous of you have now been asking about. How to keep your quartz nail appearing brand new. So now I am planning to go over some good practice tips to simply help enhance the next session with a few of those attention tips.

1) It’s always good to scrub your dab nail in-between each use, I am aware this seems time intensive and a bit painful but it’s the simplest way to maintain your dab nail constantly looking brand new. Several things that it is possible to do to simply help automate the procedure after you’re finished along with your dab catch yourself a q-tip and a few rubbing alcohol. Dunk the q-tip in the alcohol and while the dab nail head continues to be warm it is possible to wipe out any buildup and deposits. In the event the dab nail has cooled off too much it is possible to use some heat by means of your blowtorch, however, don’t use the total quantity of heat required to take a dab simply warm it up.

2) If your nail head has already been incredibly filthy you are able to make use of a rubbing alcohol and sea salt solution to clean it up. The most effective method to get this done is catch yourself a zip lock baggie and fill it with a small amount of alcohol salt. You only have to fill the baggie up with perhaps 3-4 tbs of alcohol or maybe more with regards to how big is the piece (you also can do this for spoon pipes along with other hand pipes) Add about 1 tablespoon of sea salt to the baggie, throw in your glass component. Seal the baggies and shake it around vigorously for about 2-5 minutes determined by how much build up you could have. You can even let your sections soak overnight to greatly help get out any strong spots.

NOTE: This exact process can be completed with electric dab nails as well. Just ensure that you properly disassemble your device before completing the cleaning process.

3) Once your alcohol solution has been sitting for at least 30 minutes (depending on how much you have caked up inside). Shaking always seems to loosen up these particles much faster and easier. Now dump your dirty alcohol solution into an empty container. Once done you can wash your piece out with warm water to ensure that all the alcohol is out of the glass, and any small debris or leftover water spots will wash away.

4) Now that your nail and piece are in good shape, you have a choice of saving your reclaim or not. Reclaim is the leftover waste that builds up inside of a dab rig. It can still be used over again with a less quality taste. If this is your chosen path it is important to save the dish of alcohol that you previously dumped out. This dish will slowly evaporate and leave the reclaim oil behind; leaving you the opportunity to use this left over for making edibles or for extra dabbing!

If you have any other rig/nail cleaning questions we’d love to help you out. Please be sure to reach out!


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