The Madness You Can Expect

This is MADNESS…or is it?

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new electronic diary of Martiana. This blog will have much to offer you no matter what kind of person you are. This site will be dedicated to sharing the ideas written and shared by my wife, Martiana. Below you can check out a few types of content you can expect to see over the course of this website’s existence.


Primarily you are going to find written content, and this will be the main way of expression throughout the site. Written is the way Martiana best communicates and shares her ideas. This also means that we would love for YOU to WRITE us and share any thoughts, ideas, or comments you may have about the diary.


From time to time video content will be shared to explain or help you visualize things that are written down within the site. They won’t be as common because this is not a video diary, just a regular one.


Images will be very common to include and expand upon any emotion within the posts. I am a photographer myself making it very easy to supply a healthy level of images for all to see. If you are interested in these images and would like to purchase any please reach out to us on the contact me page!

Audio Blogs:

Audio is a great way to share emotion in a person to person manner. Everyone wants to feel integrated with ones feelings who is interesting you. That is why we will be sure to work on producing “mini-podcast-style” audio blogs for everyone to listen to. These will of course include download links and multiple ways of listening.

Overall, that is it for now! But you must ensure you continue to keep checking in with us, so nothing is missed! You won’t regret bookmarking this site for future diary entries, and amazing video, image, and audio content!



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